Our mission

Helping individuals and families meet the challenges of aging with dignity through self-determination and self-directed choices.

Pauline Olsen, founder


Lois’s Legacy focused initially on long term care in Assisted Living and Skilled Rehabilitation facilities. The popular trend of “aging in place” in one’s own home with a little bit of help has created another opportunity. Today, Lois’s Legacy advisors help people navigate resources to find what is helpful for their situation. For example, finding out what transportation is possible when giving up driving, or what to do when a spouse dies. See Pauline’s Blog for more information on national trends.

This seven minute video clip features Pastor Joey Olson talking to Pauline Olsen and Marilyn Hryciw about the mission of Lois’s Legacy:

Our vision

Lois’s Legacy strives to be your first place to find answers to questions that arise when faced with the challenges of aging.

These are some of the ways our group can help:

More resources will be added, as resources and programs are constantly evolving.

  • Encourage families to plan ahead – ways to adapt one’s home to changing health and physical needs.
  • Reduce the strain of family caregiving with respite care.
  • Find alternative transportation.
  • Suggest ways to find reputable caregivers – privately, and agency.
  • Explore social and care advantages of moving to alternative homes away from home.
  • Provide current information on changes in benefits to Veterans and Spouses including pensions and long-term care.
  • Offer information on bringing services to people in their own homes with one phone call.  Jefferson County, www.echhojc.org.  Nationally, www.vtvnetwork.org.

Our board

Four members currently serve on the Board. The Board meets monthly at Trinity United Methodist Church and as needed.

Pauline Olsen, Chair – Founder, M.Sc. in Nursing, USAF (retired), retired Nurse Educator

Marian Warning, Member – Community Coordinator

Carolyn Lindley, Member –  Community Social Service

Sue Scott, Member – Ph.D. in Education, USAF (retired), Veterans Specialist

Kathleen Charters, RN, Ph.D. – Ad hoc member