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Neighbor helping neighbor

Our new sign has been displayed at two Sequim Saturday Markets. It states our mission as “Neighbor helping Neighbor” in two specific ways; transportation and in-home help.

In June, Lois’s Legacy signed a contract with Catholic Community Services to provide more volunteers for their Port Angeles, Clallam County, based program. Perhaps you were not aware of this highly respected organization which helps low income elders and disabled adults stay in their homes for as long as is safely possible.

Volunteer drivers receive orientation and are covered by liability insurance to drive clients to the grocery store or medical appointments.

They can be reimbursed for mileage. Volunteers can also receive orientation to help people with housework, yard work, reading or any of the little things that become difficult to accomplish as one faces temporary or permanent set-backs.

Volunteers often say, “I get so much more from helping my neighbor than the service they get from me.” Lois’s Legacy members have a chance to support a program that could use more volunteers in Sequim. It gives our church new opportunities to reach people as close as next door with kindness, encouragement and practical help.

This is our first call for volunteers. You can call me for more information and also check out our website, created in March.

Contact us for information about receiving help or becoming a volunteer.  Pauline Olsen, Chairperson Lois’s Legacy  683-4307.

Pauline Olsen,
Founder and Chairperson
Lois’s Legacy

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